Rimini, European Mobility Week (16 - 22 September 2018) promoting Sustainable Mobility.

Mix and Move!

Is the topic proposed by the European Commission for Mobility 2018, a programme of events dedicated to sustainable mobility which will also see Rimini as one of the main participants.

The events have been organized within the Rimini Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan and the European project Mobilitas - MOBIlity for nearLy-zero CO2 in
medITerranean tourism destinAtionS. 

The suggestion is to move choosing the means of transport based on real necessity and with greater responsibility in respect to the use of public space.
For the Councils, it means putting forward a different model of urban planning based on cycling.
For citizens, this means making a responsible choice of transport, moving away from private cars to using alternative means of transport in the city. Using a
form of shared transport, we can reduce our expenses and lower the carbon footprint, as well as meeting new people and making journeys more sociable.