European Mobility Week was held at the end of September in Zadar. The initiative encourages European cities and towns to introduce and promote sustainable means of transportation and motivates the...

Mix and Move! Is the topic proposed by the European Commission for Mobility 2018, a programme of events dedicated to sustainable mobility which will also see Rimini as one of the main participants.

EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK 2018 is focusing on ‘multimodality’ - the mixing of transport modes within the same journey or for different trips. Many of us instinctively opt for the same method of transport...

Rome on 18th and 19th april 2018.

On 17th april 2018, GO SUMP - MED Urban Transports Community organized a Community Building event in Rome.


As a part of our GO SUMP capitalisation strategy, MOBILITAS project team has identified a number of upcoming events in 2018 where partnership could work together to promote the activities, first...

The mobility scenario for the Coastal-Karst region which was prepared by the University IUAV from Venice was presented at the mobility workshop in Koper, on 26 January 2018.

In the following months project partners will implement their pilot activities.